Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So I'm 8 Weeks Prego...And Apparently I'm Blogging....

For one reason or another I've decided to document my journey into mommy-hood, and eventually parenthood, via a blog. I guess I needed an outlet to talk about this whole ordeal, and apparently what better way than to share it with the world? I feel a little insane about it, for one because I hate criticism and have a fear of people having a weird or negative opinion of me and the things I do...but at the same time, those very people can kiss my you-know-what and stop reading. No one says you have to!

So here it is. My no-holds-bar (well, maybe a little) blog about this whole pregnancy (and eventually child rearing) thing. I'll try my best not to skeeve you out, though pregnancy thus far has made me feel like a science experiment, and hopefully you'll get a few chuckles along the way. Maybe some of you can relate, and great! I love it when that happens. If not, maybe you can at least be slightly entertained in reading my adventures. Heck, I entertain myself every day.

At this point I'm about 8 1/2 weeks prego, and if you didn't already pick up on it, this is my first baby. I have to say, this has been quite an interesting experience thus far. I peed on a stick almost a month ago now. Let me tell you...that was an experience in it's own. Who knew that a little stick with an extra pink line could freak you out so easily?!? I mean really, they could probably make those things all pretty with flowers and crap all over it and it would still be a more nervewrecking experience to watch for that little pink line than it would be to watch a Freddy Kruger movie in the middle of a thunderstorm while you're home alone. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating, but still, when you're not expecting it that line is quite shocking.

Once the shock of it all wore off (which it probably still hasn't totally), it was down to business. As an Army wife on the Tricare health plan, I had stuff to do. A blood test was the first step to starting my care. I needed to have a positive blood test in order to get an OB appointment on base. No biggie, though I do hate needles. Once the lady called me back with the results that I had already known, I was able to call and make my first appointment.

And thus began, officially, my journey into mommy-hood....


  1. Welcome to the craziest, most wonderful ride of your life! I am thrilled for you and look forward to following your journey <3

  2. yay! Im so glad you're blogging.

    girl, I am about to hit my 30 week mark on Friday and it still has yet to sink in...enjoy every moment cause it sure does fly!!


  3. Hey, I added your blog, follow me at I'm a fellow nestie on the July 10 board