Friday, April 22, 2011

Believe It Or Not, I Can Survive When The Hubby Is Away

Being an Army wife, it's inevitable that at any given time I could be without my husband by my side for days, weeks, months or even a year at a time. It's just a fact of living the Army life. And while I miss him terribly and always count down the days until he's home with me, I can survive when he's not here.

I get a lot of thoughtful and well-meaning concern when Derek isn't around. People from home feeling the need to check in on me and see how I'm doing, asking me how I'm handling him being away. People wanting to know what I do with myself when he's not home, and now of course, how I'm handling being pregnant while the hubby is away for a few months.

The facts are this: I'm doing fine, thanks for asking! And I'm handling him being away just like I always do. I'm sad for a day or two and then I suck it up, clean my apartment and move on. Life doesn't stop just because of training or deployments, it just changes a little. And believe it or not, I have a life outside of my marriage, so I'm keeping pretty busy :)

As far as being pregnant goes, it's not that much different, and honestly if Derek had to be away at any time while I'm knocked up, this was the best time to do it! Lucky him got to miss all of the crazed nights of insomnia, the moaning and groaning of me being nauseous every night, and even missed out on the idea of me not cooking like a normal person because raw meat grossed me out. Lucky Derek gets to return when I'm settled into the second trimester and probably sleeping, eating and yes, even cooking.

When it comes to things like doctors appointments, no worries. I am perfectly capable of handling them too. Now, I will say this: before I got pregnant, I couldn't imagine him being away during this time. I had images in my head of what it would be like and thoughts of how I would probably want a close friend to come to every doctor's appointment with me so I wouldn't be alone. Well, in real life, not so much. Pretty early on in this process of being prego, I discovered that my previous visions and thoughts were way off. I'm finding that my doctors appointments are somewhat intimate experiences that I don't want to share with anyone but Derek. Getting to see my baby on an ultrasound, or hear the baby's heartbeat on a doppler is something so special and so personal, that if Derek isn't here, I'd rather just go it alone. This experience of having a baby is something I would never want to share with anyone but Derek, and I'm finding that a major component of this experience right now is those doctor appointments...and I don't want to experience them with anyone but my loving husband.

So there you have it. My ability to survive when my husband is away. It's all just part of the life of the Army wife.

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