Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Great and Powerful...Grandpa?

A few weeks ago my dad jokingly informed us that he wants the baby to call him "The Great and Powerful Oz". This is part a tease on my behalf because anyone who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with "The Wizard of Oz" (so much so that I've had the privilege of meeting and getting a picture with a Lollipop Kid)...and I think partly a bit of uncertainty on my dad's part about what kind of grandfather he wants to be.

Growing up I had 2 Poppys. Looking back on my memories with them, I associate my grandparents so well with what I called them. My Poppys were fun loving men, each with an unbeatable sense of humor. Fondly, I remember my Poppy Warren for his sense of pride when it came to his grandkids...and his love for Rocky Road ice cream, his backyard pool, and staying up late (or so what we thought of as late) when his grandkids were visiting in the summer. My Poppy Ray was a man who loved his family deeply, and enjoyed teasing his grandkids in good fun. I fondly remember him for his ability to make anything grow in a garden, and eating his big, delicious family breakfasts during trips up to Poppy's Farm in the mountains.

My Grandmothers, on the otherhand, were Grandmom and Mimom. And again, I associate each so well with their name. Grandmom Ginger had a smile that lit up any room, and a laugh that was beyond infectious. She loved her grandkids so deeply, and always made sure that the fridge was stocked with pepperoni, cheese, milk and Hershey's syrup when the grandkids would visit. I have fond memories of sitting on the couch in the mornings with her, watching Golden Girls with a mug of "coffee" in my hands (which was really milk with a teaspoon of coffee in it) just like her. Mimom is my only surviving grandparent, and one who I admire truly. When you first look at her, you might think she's my mom or my aunt. She's tall and leggy with blond hair and bright blue eyes and she dresses more fashionably than anyone I know. You would never know by looking at her that the woman gave birth to 6 kids, has 19 grandkids and one great-grandbaby on the way. She's the woman who can cook like no other, never forgets a birthday and always stocks Dixie Cups in her freezer.

I feel lucky to have such strong memories and associations with each of my grandparents, and I hope that my children will do the same. My mom has decided she wants to be "Grams", Mimom "Gam", and Derek's parents "Mommom &Poppop". Whatever my dad decides to be called I'm sure it will be fitting...but for now I'm just calling him old :)

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