Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hairstylists Rock.

So this morning, on the heels of not being able to button my jeans yesterday, I looked in the mirror. While my jeans no longer fit, if you don't know that I'm pregnant you'd probably think that I'm fat. My little tiny bump, while I know what it is, just kind of looks like I've been sucking down milkshakes and eating a cupcake after every meal...or for every meal. I did not feel very beautiful at all.

And then I had a hair appointment. I put on my best face, the maternity jeans that my gracious friend Jen passed on to me (which, while they are a bit big, they are soooooo comfy!) and headed out the door to visit my stylist Breanne....who is currently now my favorite person ever. The minute Breanne found out I was pregnant, she immediately got to work on making me feel like a million bucks. Her amazing wash and head massage was 100 times even more enjoyable than usual. She took extra time to massage and the warm water was so relaxing. When I sat in the chair, she got to work on giving me an amazing hair cut...and passing on words of wisdom as she is the mother of a three year old son. Breanne recalled how she felt when she was in her first trimester, and I think she took extra care because of it.

It's amazing how something so simple as a hair cut can make you feel so good, and a hair stylist can be someone so special. I am grateful for my hair appointment today in so many ways...I could not have scheduled it for a better day!

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