Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant

Yesterday I scored a pair of nice maternity jeans at JC Penny's for twenty bucks. Considering these were a $45 pair, I just couldn't pass them up...besides the fact that the only other pair of jeans I own that currently fit are the pair of maternitys that my neighbor Jen passed on to me. Yep, it's official...I no longer own a normal pair of jeans that fit. Funnily enough, it really is just my little bump that is causing me to wear maternity pants now. I haven't gained a single fact, to my pleasant surprise, I've somehow managed to lose a few pounds. I'm not complaining!

However, to those who don't know I'm pregnant, I'm starting to get those unsure looks as to whether I've got a baby shaped gut...or I'm actually pregnant. As I was checking out at Penny's, the saleswoman looked at the jeans....then looked at me....then looked at my belly....then back at me. All with this unsure look on her face as to whether she should ask me when I'm due or keep her mouth shut for fear of seriously insulting me. Finally the woman politely commented that they were very nice jeans, and were they for me. As I replied yes, this look of great relief overcame her face and she asked me when I was due and how I was feeling.

I have to chuckle at the awkwardness of it all. I'm sure it's an inevitable fact of being pregnant, and I probably should enjoy it now before I'm as big as a house and everyone and their mom will bombard me with questions and want to touch my belly. For now, It's just becoming one of those things where I want to blurt out, before anyone can give me the unsure once-over, "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant".


  1. hahah I still get the 'looks' from ppl even tho I have a basketball sized belly- beware tho I hear some horror stories of 'rude' ppl on the bbc board all the time, I feel bad for some of these definatly must take pics soon :) I started @ 18w I think...then by 22w it was just full fledged belly...

  2. Haha I've seen this awkward situation happen many times. I NEVER say anything unless the woman is without a doubt pregnant (as in like last trimester big). My mom has (more than once) joyously asked a woman when she was due, only to get a really annoyed look and "I'm not pregnant...". UNCOOL! But it's a nice thing I guess that people are always interested to ask a pregnant woman when she's due and how she's doing. :)