Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Fridge Is Empty, Freezer Full & There's Fruit By The Foot in My Pantry

One of the oddest symptoms of pregnancy I've been experiencing is my aversion to certain foods. Pretty early on, I suddenly had a major distaste for tortellini and pesto, a staple dinner for us. It was the strangest night I was scarfing down a plateful, and then next thing I know, I'm grossed out by the thought of that dinner. Really??

As the weeks have gone on, more and more foods have come to be very unappetizing. Before my husband left, I made a point to make a huge pot of meatballs and tomato gravy with the intentions of being able to freeze the leftovers. I enjoyed those meatballs all day while they were cooking, stealing one out of the pot any chance I could. Dinner was fabulous, I had two nice sized containers in the freezer for future meals, I was set....until the next day when the thought of having to eat them again completely nauseated me. And then made me sad. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my favorite dinners was always a once-a-week staple at home growing up...and now I can't stand the thought of it! How depressing. Soon to follow on the yuck-meter of foods I want nothing to do with would be any kind of leftover...and anything that meant I had to even look at raw meat to cook.

With hubby leaving for a few months, this left me in kindof a pickle (yum, pickles!). What the heck was I going to eat while he was away, without having to deal with raw meat, and without leaving any leftovers that would just go to waste? Well, if you looked in my fridge right now you'd see, I'm officially living like a college kid again. The contents of my fridge currently consist of condiments, a jar of mini dill pickles, Jello, oranges, water and 2 gallons of milk. My freezer, on the other hand, is another story. In there you'll find anything that is pre-cooked and not raw....Lean Pockets, Eggo waffles, popsicles, and chicken nuggets galore. If I can nuke it, I can eat it...woo hoo!

The most hilarious part (at least to me, anyway) is what you'll find in my pantry. What used to be filled with cans of soup, whole wheat pasta and decently healthy cereals has now been replaced with my favorite kiddie cereals like Rice Krispie Treat cereal and Fruity Pebbles. Replacing the cans of soup are cans of Chef Boyardee, and replacing the pasta is boxes of SpongeBob mac n cheese. The strangest addition to my pantry has been the big box of Fruit by the Foot, which apparently is just the most appealing thing ever to me right now. I mean, really, I haven't had that stuff since recess in 4th grade! It's official, I live like a college kid.

Sigh. Cest La Vie, I suppose. Perhaps I'll be back to eating like a human in a few weeks....In the meantime, hello Fruit by the Foot!

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  1. awww my first food aversion was avacoado, it should pass, I can eat them now!!! Ive been loving gummy bears lately...