Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Happy Place

My friend Justine (of the fabulous State of the Heart Parenting site), in telling the story of her son Lazlo's birth, talked about having her "Safe Place". This was a part of her Hypnobabies practicing that taught her to have a place in her mind where she and her baby were safe and at peace during her birthing experience. Her explanation of this was truly beautiful, and well worth the read if you pop over to her page.

While I am not quite at the point of having my "safe place", I am at the point of having my "happy place". I'm sure everyone, at one point or another, has had one. It's a comforting place in your mind to go when you just need a break. For me, my happy place always used to be the image of sitting on the deck at my Poppy's farm, in the middle of a warm, breezy summer day, with the book "Charlotte's Web" in my hand. That has always been my favorite image. It's full of great memories, and it's a calm quiet place to go in my head when other thoughts are just too undesirable.

This morning though, in a texting conversation with my hubby, my happy place has seemed to change. Hubby mentioned the idea of him coming home from work and getting to just hold our baby at the end of a long day. Suddenly, the beautiful image of me cooking dinner and looking out through the breakfast bar to see my baby gently babbling to my husband about the exciting day he or she experienced in this big exciting world came to mind. I just picture my husband holding our baby on the couch, looking intently and talking to him or her, and baby in it's own language communicating back to daddy. The image of my little family just makes me smile so big.

For me, I think that having this happy place during my pregnancy will be the thing to bring me out of those slumps when uncertainty, awkwardness and just pregnancy alone start to get the best of me. Having a thought so nice and so gentle is the perfect way to get over the aches and pains and worries of becoming a first time mommy.


  1. Being a momma makes our hearts grow in ways we would NEVER have anticipated before...