Saturday, April 30, 2011

My New Superpower

Last night I stopped at Target for some essentials (which, if you don't speak my language, is pronounced Tar-jay with a slightly French accent). You know, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick and of course a good, juicy gossip magazine. So while I was in there I discovered the true talents of my newest superpower: an insanely bionic sense of smell.

I was standing in the makeup aisle browsing when I caught a whiff of the most amazingly floraly, citrusy sweet scent. It just smelled so good! So I start looking around and smelling the sample perfume bottles they have and can't find the darn smell anywhere. Where the heck was it coming from??? I needed to know!! Suddenly, on the other end of the aisle, a woman turned the corner and started walking towards me...and the scent continued to get stronger.

"Um, excuse me, are you wearing perfume?" I asked. "Yeah, but you can hardly smell it because I put it on early this morning. It's the new Kim Kardashian one".

Well, friend who smells amazing at Target, I can smell it like no other. And officially need a bottle for myself.

And then I realized. I have superpowers. I could smell that girl's perfume from one, maybe more, aisles over, and she was even on the opposite end of the aisle as I was. My sniffer is officially bionic. And I officially want a cape and a sidekick.

My kryptonite? The kid with the stinky diaper I caught a whiff of while I was leaving the store.


  1. LOL...Sometimes that comes in handy, and others, you wish your nose would fall off when you get a whiff of something!!! I had Super Vision for about 3 weeks. I went from not being able to see without my contacts or glasses to having 20/20 vision! It was great for about three weeks and then it went back to normal!! Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy!!!

  2. Your too funny!! I hear that while preggers women often have intense sense of smell and tastes/textures!