Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pregnant in Heels = Prego Psychos

Yesterday morning I caught my first glimpse of Bravo's new show, Pregnant in Heels, which features Rosie Pope, baby guru extraordinaire and mommy concierge to the rich and spoiled. Let me tell you. These women are a bit off their rockers.

The first woman they featured referred to her unborn baby as a "life-force sucking parasite" and her and her husband declared that they were going to raise their baby to know that he was not the center of anyone's universe, just along for the ride. SERIOUSLY?! These are the kind of people who make me think that perhaps there needs to be some kind of test before people are allowed to procreate. First off, while it may seem like your baby is sucking the life out of you at times, it certainly isn't a parasite. It's a little innocent infant who needs you, not some nasty creature. Second off, your baby should be the center of your universe! If you don't want your child to become the center of your universe, and you don't want to baby-fy your apartment because you're too selfish, and you can't give up your precious guest room for a nursery....perhaps you shouldn't be having a baby.

OK, rant on to the other nut job....

The second couple featured hired Rosie to assist them in choosing a name for their soon-to-be born son. But it wasn't just that they were hiring her to help them pick a name...they were hiring her to bring in baby-naming experts...and then a focus group to see how their names would play out in the real world. To these people, apparently the name of their child was more than his was his brand. Yep, these people were branding their unborn son. And in doing so, they wasted an awful lot of time and money, because in the end they never chose a name that went well with the focus group, their friends or the experts.

While the show is certainly entertaining, it's still a bit astonishing. In this economy I can't imagine blowing money to have an expert name my kid...or to have someone come in and have the balls to tell me that I'm obviously having issues with the whole becoming a mommy thing. I'm sure it's a nice luxury to these people, but what ever happened to picking a nice name, being excited over the thought of a baby, and learning along the way? I guess if you've got the money, anything goes...

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  1. hahahahah this sounds pretty damn close to what I thought on my did you watch this weeks one, it wasnt as bad...I am addicted to this show now...and I love her since I saw her on Bethenny Getting Married