Friday, April 8, 2011

So I Used To Be Able To Button My Jeans...

This morning I woke up, ate breakfast (which, I've been on a huge Eggo and giant glass of milk kick), hopped in the shower and went to get dressed. Except that when I went to put on my favorite pair of jeans today, which have a little stretch to them so they're super comfy, I had to suck it in to get them to button....WHAAAAT?!?

I've noticed that some of my jeans were getting a little uncomfortable, leaving angry red marks on my waist where they've started to get a bit tight, so I've been wearing comfy (but decent looking) black yoga pants all week. But this afternoon I'm heading out with my awesome neighbor Jen to have lunch, so I thought I'd "dress it up" by wearing my favorite jeans and a great pair of flip flops (since it's finally sunny in Washington!). Low and behold, they no longer stinking fit. BUMMER. I can button them sure, but I don't just have a muffin top hanging over the edge...I have a whole freaking inner tube.

I know that my body changing size and shape is a normal part of pregnancy, but I guess I wasn't quite anticipating the day my jeans wouldn't fit....especially when I've lost weight since the beginning of it all! But, I guess that the ever present bloating in my wasitline, and the inevitable bump that's sure to ensue in the coming weeks and months was bound to make buttoning my jeans a tad difficult. Looks like it's time to track down a good belly band and make my jeans work!


  1. I still love my maternity jeans and Lazlo is 16 months! Our bodies do change even before our baby bumps begin to grow and it can be a difficult stage. Thank goodness for fantastic yoga pants!

  2. you know what I did for awhile....take a hair-tie and loop it thru your button hole....that worked for me for about 3 months! :)

    Im living in my yoga pants now along with the most comfy pair of black maternity pants from Kohls...definatly check out there they have a lot of cute things