Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whoever Named It "Morning Sickness" Must Have Been a Man.

When I was a little girl, and would get an upset tummy, my wonderful mother always knew just what to do. A glass of ginger ale with instructions to "just sip it, Val, don't chug", a heating pad, my blankie, and a hug. Those where the days...

Too bad I'm 23, can't use a heating pad right now...and live 3,000 miles away from my mommy.

Along with my crazed insomnia, random bursts of tears and weird appetite comes a special little pregnancy symptom called "morning sickness". Except that it's not morning sickness, it's "right when I want to pass out and go to sleep sickness". Whoever named it "morning sickness" must have been a man. There is nothing "morning" about it.

Normally, if I've gotten a good night's sleep and have managed to have small meals consistently all day, I can somewhat avoid the awful waves of nausea that hit at night time. If I slept like jumpy bunny at a death metal concert, and haven't much felt like eating all day, I know I'm in big trouble. Such is the case today. I snacked a bit all day but food isn't necessarily my favorite thing ever right now...and last night was filled with me waking up every 2 hours and having to force myself not to just get up for the day at 4 AM. So naturally tonight I'm "sipping" ginger ale, popping Tums, sucking on Bnatal lollipops and cursing the person who named it "morning sickness".

UGH. I miss my mommy.


  1. Oh honey that sounds horrible! Trust me though, it WILL get better. I was only sick for about two weeks and then it all went away! Of course, now I'm all about crying at the drop of a hat! Lol