Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Yes, I Am Having a Military "Brat".

I am an Army wife. We are an Army family. And yes, technically, my kids will be Army "brats".

But don't take that as meaning that my kids will be like that awful Veruca Salt from "Willy Wonka". In fact, I will work my hardest to raise them as anything but...however they are going to be raised in a Military lifestyle, and therefore the term "brat" comes with the job.

Army "brat" is actually a term of endearment in the Military community. It's often misunderstood by civilians and taken in a negative connotation. It's a term that identifies the children of  servicemen and women with the lifestyle and culture of today's American Military, and it's a term that allows the children to identify themselves with one another in this lifestyle. These are the children who grow up knowing nothing different than having daddy or mommy leave for a while to go to a far away place. They know nothing different than seeing a parent in camis instead of a suit every day. They know nothing different than food shopping in the commissary, seeing humvees drive down the road on base, and hearing the sound of helicopters overhead on a daily basis. These are the kids you see in those ever touching photos clutching their uniformed parent and hugging them tight. These are the kids who know what being a proud American is all about, and red, white and blue means more to them than just the colors of our flag.

So yes, I am PROUDLY going to be a mommy of an Army "brat".

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