Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wive's Tales Out of the Woodwork

When we announced to family and friends that we were expecting, the outpouring of speculation on whether I was having a boy or girl, whether I'd go early or late, and whether my baby would be bald or have a head full of hair began. I have to chuckle every time I hear another wives tale. I myself am totally and completely guilty of such speculations when a friend or family member was expecting, and now that I myself am in those shoes, I find the tales both sweet and funny. Everyone seems to have one thought or another and a different speculation, and it never fails to make me giggle. They are the wives tales out of the woodwork.

There are the general ones that I'm sure everyone has heard...you know, that heartburn means your baby will have a lot of hair on it's sweet little head. The one that tells if the mommy is carrying all in the front it's a boy...and all around it's a girl. Then there is the one that says if you're sick a lot it's a girl, but boys are nicer to their mommies and keep the nausea to a minimum. I've heard these all a million times over, and I guess we will find out in November whether or not any of them are true.

Then there are the new ones. Wives tales I've never heard before, but none the less, they're interesting. The first one ever presented to me came from my good friend Morgan. Apparently if you add up the day you got pregnant and your age, the results determine the gender of the baby. If it's even it's a boy, odd it's a girl. Well, I got odds, so here's hoping! Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy with a healthy baby...but I wouldn't mind a sweet little girl :)

My grandmother informed me yesterday that I needed to listen to the baby's heart rate. Apparently her wives tale is that boys have a lower heart rate than girls do. Funnily enough, Mimom may be correct on this one. Some studies show that female babies have a heart rate that can be as much as 20 bpm faster than males. This one is interesting, but I feel like it would be difficult to judge, since the baby's heartbeat is something like 2x's faster than mine.

My favorite is an old Italian wives tale that says to have the mother sit or lay, and hold a piece of thread with a needle on the end over her belly. If the needle, on it's own, swings back and forth it's a boy...and in a circle it's a girl. While I can't speculate as to the validity of this one, I can say that there are probably a lot of women out there wondering if the person holding the thread swung the needle :)

Speculate as you will, and go ahead share them with me! The old wives tales are always good for a chuckle...and a pondering as to if they're actually true. Any which way you spin it, I'll just be happy to have a sweet, healthy baby in my arms.


  1. The heartburn head of hair is true according to my friend who had severe heartburn her daughter had hair all over. As for needle and thread they did it on cake boss said buddys new baby would be a girl but it was a boy, so I doubt that's validated...and I have heard boys are mainly all belly (my boss only had belly and had 3 boys) and girls tend to cause weight in other places....like face arms legs....also I heard women with girls tend to be sick more due to the xx instead of xy...weird but who knows?? Every pregnancy is differnt, so I guess no one realy knows for sure!

  2. Gotta love all the wives tales, so far NONE have held true to my little princess- I had zero morning sickness and I am all belly. However I do think the heartburn thing is true, last time I went for my sonogram they could see some hair already and I think I was about 26 weeks.

    I still have yet to try the string trick, that may be the next one ;)