Monday, April 11, 2011

You Can't Sleep Either?!?!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of celebrating my friend Dale's twin boys first birthday. First let me say: what little sweeties...and cupcakes + 1 year olds = awesomely messy. In a good way.

So anyway, as I'm still relatively new to our area (we've been here less than 6 months) I don't know a whole lot of people. Family Readiness is getting set up for our battalion, so I'll get to meet more wives then, but for now I seem to have a very close circle. Yesterday though, I met a couple of new friends and discovered that the words "I don't sleep either" are apparently beyond comforting to me.

One of the party guests was a mommy of a one year old daughter who was just beautiful and so stinking cute (aren't they all?? I just see a baby these days and melt a little bit)...and this particular mommy happens to be due 9 days before me. As we were discussing random cravings and the weird symptoms that pregnancy brings, I mentioned that my biggest complaint was not sickness or was insomnia. Brittani simply replied "oh don't worry, I don't sleep either. I didn't with Pais and I'm not with this one". REALLY??!??!??! There's someone out there like me?!?! I was beyond excited!! I'm not crazy (well, maybe a little) or wacko or completely abnormal (though some may beg to differ)!

It's funny how hearing someone say that they know how you feel can be a breath of fresh air sometimes. After hearing stories from friends about how all they wanted to do was sleep, it was so refreshing and comforting to hear someone tell me that they're going through the same thing I am. And to also hear that it would diminish in the next trimester put my mind well at ease. I'm finding myself grateful for the more simple things in life these days, and yesterday I was grateful for my new friend...and her insomnia.

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