Monday, May 2, 2011

A Baby-Wearin' Mama

It's about 10:40 PM here in Washington, and while normally I'm a-snoozin' away by now...tonight, not so much. And naturally, as things go with insomnia, the wheels in my mind are turning and I'm thinking all about the kind of mommy I want to be...

Tonight's decision: I want to be a baby-wearin' mama.

When we found out that our little punkin would be arriving before Christmas this year, it was an easy, early decision that we'd be flying home to Pennsylvania for the holidays. While many people are all about staying home for the holidays when a baby arrives, for us, the decision was made based on this: with a baby that little, and two of us traveling, it would be much easier than with a squirmy toddler. And besides the fact that this will be the first time many of our family will get to meet the baby, we also plan on having him or her baptized while we're home with family, friends and people we feel are important to be involved in our children's lives.

So anyway...the whole flying home for Christmas thing sparked a question of how we wanted to travel with the baby. Did we want to pay for a seat on the plane and bring a carrier on the flight with us? Did we simply want to hold the baby the entire time? My ultimate solution and the one I feel will not only be best, but a nice bonding experience for the three of us is to wear the baby. Yep, wear it.

Something I've always wanted to have when we started our family is a nice baby sling or carrier, like those Baby Bjorn ones. I always felt like there is something so calming to a baby and so soothing and comfy about wearing them in a sling. Think about it, when babies are in the womb, one of the first sounds they are able to hear is the sound of their mother's heartbeat. And when babies are born sick or premature, one of the best treatments many feel is for the infant to be held skin-to-skin. While no one will be naked on our flight, I'm feeling as though the effect will be the same. With the baby's head resting on my or my husband's chest, listening to our heartbeats, and warmly snuggled right up against us, what better way to go?

And this whole baby-wearing thing isn't just going to apply to flying home for holidays either. It's something I'm finding myself anxious to do more and more as this pregnancy goes on. I am so looking forward to cleaning, shopping and even resting with my baby snuggled up on me, knowing that it's the most special place for that infant to be.

Now the hunt for an awesome sling begins...


  1. If and when you find one, let me know! My mom used one with my youngest brother and loved it, but she gave it away to a friend years ago.

  2. Babywearing will revolutionize the way that you are able to parent! I cannot even BEGIN to list all of the benefits for your whole family. BEST carriers: Moby Wraps (They are awesome for newborns...and I even used them with no shirt/bra on around the house since they cover so much of you anyway!) as the baby gets older or if you want a quick carrier to pop the baby in and out of (like at the grocery store and getting out of the car to go inside while baby is sleeping) slings are amazing and so versatile...I am a bit of a sling addict and have slings to match all different kinds of outfits, purses and shoe combos! Plus, unlike a Baby Bjorn (which really are not that great for baby's hips/back) the wraps and slings can easily be used by both your and Derek without having to adjust straps and buckles to get the right fit. Sir Hubby and I have worn all of our babies and it is a choice you will never, ever regret. Even with Tillie being 3 and Lazlo being 18 months, we STILL wear both of them while doing housework (toddlers can RUIN a house in no time flat!)and they get a nap and we get a clean house! A few good carriers are seriously ALL you really need to live a sane life. Promise!