Thursday, June 23, 2011


Call me weird or whatever you want, but as a child I had a special attachment to a yellow blankie with satin edging...and still today that blanket is in existence and something I consider to be one of my most prized and priceless possessions. I just don't think you can put a price on something that has been in my life for so long, been a comfort when needed, or been an item with such special history to me.

Ask my mom. She'll tell you that as a child there were multiples of this yellow blankie in the house, and mom even altered one which she nicknamed "piece-o-blankie" that was a blankie cut in half so it wouldn't drag on the ground when we went out. She'll also tell you just how particular I was with my blankies. I had this thing...on those particular blankets (that with some research, I discovered were called Baby Morgan blankets...and are now virtually impossible to find) there was a spot where the satin edges met. Appropriately, I named this part of the blankie "spot", creative I know. Let me tell you, if someone handed me a blankie without a spot, this girl knew immediately that it wasn't mine, it wasn't yellow, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

It's funny to me that my blankie has meant so much and been so important in my life, especially as a child. For one reason or another I developed a bond with the blankie that neither of my brothers ever seemed to have with a blankie of their own, or even a stuffed animal at that. It makes me wonder what it was about that yellow blankie that I became so attached to, and what really made it so special to me.

Funnily enough, that blanket it no longer really yellow, more of a grey from years of use and fading....and sadly the satin edging is long gone. But every time I look at it, I'm reminded of how long it's been in my life...and I never really see the grey, old rag that some may look at it as. It's still, and always will be, my perfect yellow blankie.

Having it in my life makes me wonder what my baby will attach to. Since finding out I was pregnant, I've been on the hunt for a blankie just like mine, with the hopes that maybe this baby will find his or hers as special as I found mine.

Just call me Linus. Blankies rock.

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  1. I totally agree! I have a teddy bear (who is appropriately named Teddy) who I have had since my first Christmas (which is when I was approximately one month old) and I have been searching for the perfect teddy bear my entire pregnancy! I have yet to find one, they just don't make stuffed animals like they used to, at least not one that could hold up to 26 years of love and punishment!