Monday, June 6, 2011

Knowing My Baby

These days, I'm finding that I'm learning more and more about my baby...and it often makes me laugh. I'm learning to know my baby, before I really know my baby. And I love it.

I've learned that my baby is moving around the most in the morning...and later at night (we're working on this one :) )

I've learned that my baby loves the sound of his or her daddy's voice

My baby loves Sugarland (just like Mommy!), Katy Perry, and The Kinks

My baby has a sweet tooth (we discovered this yesterday after I had eaten a lemon popsicle and it was like fireworks in my belly...and then again last night when Derek made me an Eggo ice cream sandwich)

My baby really, really likes it when Daddy rubs Mommy's back (just in case Derek happens to read this one)

And my baby is beyond the love of my life.

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  1. *love* this post. I feel the same way. Love reading your posts, especially this one, I feel like I could make my own list about my little one's personality!