Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Top of Spaghetti....

all covered with cheese! I lost my poor meatball...when somebody sneezed! 

This was the song I was singing all morning as I stood in my kitchen, for the first time since I was 7 weeks pregnant, making a giant pot of homemade meatballs, tomato gravy and sausage. I'm calling this one an official pregnancy milestone.

I had some of the strangest aversions to food when I was in my first trimester, and some of them stuck around until just recently. You may recall from posts long ago that leftovers were the most disgusting thing ever to me up until I was about 14 weeks pregnant. There was just nothing appealing to me about them. In fact, before my husband left for 9 weeks of training, I made him clean out the fridge, ridding it of all things leftover, vowing never to refill with last night's dinner again.

My other food aversion was a real devastation to me: meatballs and tomato gravy. It was a sad, sad day at 7 weeks prego when I made a giant, delicious pot, ate 2 meatballs for lunch, 2 with dinner...and then gagged the rest of the night. After that, just the thought of meatballs and gravy nauseated me. It was a serious blow to my list of favorite things to cook.

Recently though, I've discovered that leftovers really aren't that bad, especially homemade mac n cheese and chili....and spaghetti and meatballs suddenly seems overly appetizing. It's an exciting idea to me. So today I set out on making a delicious dinner...and belting out the children's song I used to sing with my preschoolers every day while I cooked it. My apartment is filled with the rich, delicious smell of garlic, tomato and spices, and dinner can't come soon enough. Thankyou, prego food gods, for restoring my love of Italian cooking!

it rolled off the table...and onto the floor. And then my poor meatball rolled straight out the door!

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