Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Perfect Father's Day

Derek wasn't too into the idea of it being his first Father's Day today, but none the less we had a pretty perfect day. And really, it was his first Father's Day whether he liked it or not.

I think his aversion to celebrating anything is coming from the fact that he doesn't really feel much like a daddy yet. I think in his mind being a daddy means holding our baby and taking care of our baby and all of the physical duties, and of course emotional duties, that come with parenting. Little does my sweet husband realize, he's already an amazing daddy. 

To me, his daddy duties began the minute I told him I was pregnant. He sat there and stared at me with stars in his eyes, his jaw on the floor and a completely bewildered look on his face. Clearly, neither of us was expecting it (my reaction can be found within my very first post). But then a smile came over his face and his arms wrapped around a completely freaked out me. And then he took me on a date. Ever since that fateful day, March 3rd to be exact, my wonderful husband launched into the mode of being an even more nurturing, loving, and supportive person.....a daddy.

And so for his first Father's Day, I took the opportunity to spend the day relaxing and enjoying my husband for the amazing man he is. I watched his favorite show all day, flopped on the couch with him, talked about our baby, our soon to be man-turned-baby cave, and our life. We shared a great meal, prepared by both (but mostly him...he insisted!) of us, and a great day together. I took the opportunity to enjoy him not only as being my husband, but the father of our tiny little one.

It was honestly a perfect Father's Day...for both of us...or really, all three of us :)

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