Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well, We Know He Won't Poison Your Kid...

Last weekend was my friend Jen's birthday, and myself and our friend Chantel took her out for a little birthday dinner and movie action...leaving my wonderful husband with the task of watching a two year old and a four year old. That statement alone should draw you right in to this story :)

My husband is always pretty exceptional with children, probably because he's nothing but an oversized kid himself (no lie. The man has Nerf guns and Legos)...but I can't say that I've ever known him to baby sit two little ones at the same time...nor two little girls, at that. Not that I was concerned, but I was extremely curious to see what state the kiddos would be in...and what state he'd be in by the time we got back. Well, let's just say he handled an explosive diaper for starters and by the end of the night Jen's apartment looked like an atomic bomb had hit it and the two little girls were passed out, sleeping peacefully, after what I expect was crashing from a major sugar high.

Though amongst his interesting style of babysitting and playing like a boy with a couple of little girls (hence the disastrous apartment), my husband did something that night completely unexpected...and incredibly smart.

Let me preface this by saying that I make the world's most phenomenal cupcakes and buttercream icing, and my most requested flavor is my chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream. For her birthday, this cupcake was Jen's request, and as per usual I shared the extras with the neighbors and sent some with Derek to ease his babysitting duties.

My thoughtful husband didn't know if one of the little girls was allergic to peanut butter or not, and she was begging him for a cupcake after we had left for dinner. Instead of just mindlessly giving her the cupcake, he made about 20 calls to my cell phone before I picked up, just to see if it was ok for her to eat one (which, it was).

I couldn't help but be proud of him. It's not something I would have expected him, or any other person really, to think of. Personally, I know better from years of working with kids...but I wouldn't have expected the average person to think about that before handing a child a cupcake like that. It makes me happy to say that I have a thoughtful husband in more ways than one...and if he ever babysits for you, we know he won't poison your kid :)

It's just one more way I know he's going to be a great daddy :)

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  1. That is so awesome! :) Derek is going to be a wonderful dad! When do you find out what the baby is?