Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apparently I'm Growing a Mini Ninja

So, as evident in my previous post, I had my big anatomy scan/ultrasound this past week. Among seeing the awesomeness that is my baby, I learned quite a bit. Firstly, my kid's got a sense of humor already. As the doctor began to take a look at my baby's hand, my awesome kid flashed us a thumbs up. No lie. The pic is in the post below to prove it. Take it as you may, we thought it was pretty funny!

Another thing I learned...I never really knew exactly what position the baby is in. I had just assumed the baby was right side up because all of the strong movements I've been feeling have been in my lower abdomen. I assumed it was the baby kicking me...little did I know that apparently I'm growing a mini ninja, because the baby is in fact upside down and the movements I've been feeling have actually been my kid karate chopping and punching me. I've got images in my head now of popping out a mini-Ralph Macchio. Now all we need is a Mr. Miagi...

I had a couple of other amazing moments at the appointment also. Getting to watch my baby's heart beating was seriously cool. It's almost hard to grasp the idea that that little thing is growing in me, and that tiny heart is so close to mine. Another great moment was getting to see him or her yawning, as the doctor moved the scanner over to the face. It just made me so happy to see that sweet little moment happen. And the thought of it still amazes me.

Getting to see my baby on the screen was truly incredible. It just made everything even more real, and seeing my baby yawn, move, karate chop and thrive was just heart-melting. I can't even describe how phenomenal it was. I'm now even more anxious for November to get here so I can really meet this little person and hold my little ninja :)

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