Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review Thursday...on Friday

Don't hate me, Mommy readers. I definitely chose a much needed nap yesterday over writing the book review.

So here it is on Friday...

Today I'm reviewing "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy.

There is one word which best describes this book: HILARIOUS! I purchased this book when I was newly pregnant, as a little a little "maybe this will make me laugh about how crazy emotional I am" book. Let me tell you, easily one of the best pregnancy purchases, besides maternity jeans, that I have made to date.

McCarthy takes a ballsy and hilarious approach when it comes to describing the different stages and ailments of pregnancy, and even early motherhood. Her no-holds-bar approach to describing "the mask of pregnancy", the need to constantly pee...and even pregnancy gas (which, the chapter is entitled "Did a Sewer Tank Explode, or Did You Just Fart?"...the title alone had me in tears laughing) is enough to send any woman, pregnant or not, into a good fit of giggles.

Jenny McCarthy also takes a serious note in the book to discuss her difficult labor, and is quite frank about her experience, which I personally found refreshing. It's easy to appreciate her honesty when describing her not-so-easy birthing experience, and easy to appreciate the fact that she still finds the means to wrangle a chuckle in telling the story.

"Belly Laughs" is a really easy read (I did it in a few hours), but one you'll find yourself going back to read again and again. I highly recommend this book to pregos everywhere...and even those who aren't currently expecting. The humor is funny, the tone is light and this book is just genuinely enjoyable.

"Belly Laughs" is available on, and for download on the Kindle. It was also followed up by the books "Baby Laughs" and "Life Laughs".

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  1. you need to read the second book McCarthy wrote called Baby Laughs. It's really good for the first year. I haven't read all of it, I'm like two chapters away from finishing, but it's really good.