Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Need a Popsicle...Now.

Cookie Monster officially has nothing on me and popsicles. Seriously, Sesame Street could name a new character after me: Popsicle Monger.

If you were to look in my freezer, you'd see the gloriousness of it all: three big boxes of Popsicle brand popsicles. And I promise you, at the rate I'm going, they won't last long.

I'd always known that pregnant women have cravings, and sometimes they could be insatiable, but no one ever forewarned me that literally, when you were having a craving it would overtake your mind until you fulfilled it. Seriously, I almost feel like a drug addict or something...except that my drug of choice is a frozen, sweet treat on a stick. Awesome.

It's funny, I've always loved popsicles in the summer, but never like this. Ironically I had been expecting to crave weird things that I don't actually like, like bananas (yes, yes, I do not enjoy them! Don't judge me) or brussel sprouts. But no, this kid apparently is taking after his or her mommy and craving a favorite summer-time treat.  Clearly, my kid is already awesome and has good taste.

Way to go, cravings!

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