Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Feels Like Rocks In My Legs!

Ah, the ever pleasent joys of pregnancy...morning sickness first, then comes the heartburn...and now, leg cramps.


I used to get leg cramps really badly when I was younger, especially when going through growth spurts. And even as an adult if I'm slagging on calcium or vitamins in general, I get them. But nothing compares to pregnancy leg cramps. They are officially ruthless.

I was hoping to be able to stave them off since I'm on prenatal vitamins (and taking them religiously every night), and mostly craving milk and dairy products. But as I've been informed by my doctor, leg cramps are unbiased to pregnant women, whether you're up on your vitamins or not. And apparently they hurt twice as bad as normal ones do...and stretching only goes so far to help.

My first experience with them came last week, when I awoke at 2 am to a sensation I can only describe as feeling like someone was pushing rocks around in my calves. And when I say calves, I meant plural. Yes, my friends, I had the pleasent experience of having both legs cramp up at the same exact time. Delightful, I know. I've had them twice since, and they show no sign of stopping...So I just keep telling myself that November is coming...and eventually I'll look back on the aches and pains of pregnancy...and decide to do it again.

And so to say that I think I'm getting the full on pregnancy experience, in my opinion, would be a fair statement. Morning sickness, heartburn, leg cramps and all. Naturally, there are plenty of upsides to pregnancy...but those are definitely for another post :)


  1. omg the WORST!!!! I had them all the time...I actually kept a bottle of water next to the bed and tht helped some

  2. A friend put it as the following, which I love to steal: "[During pregnancy] the quantity of negatives outweigh the quantity of positives, but the QUALITY of the positives far outweigh the quality of negatives, and that's all that matters."

    I hope the leg cramps get better soon, I've heard drinking more water during the day can help (I've had other muscle cramps, mostly my back and sides, and the extra water does help me.)

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