Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please Appreciate Your Closeness

Going off of yesterday's post, I'm writing today to remind those of you who are close in distance to your families of just how truly lucky you are. And even if you're hours away, maybe you're still lucky enough to be in the same time zone as them. Please, appreciate even just that little nugget because once again I'm curious as to what that's like in the civilian world.

Part of being an Army wife meant that when my husband received orders to report to a station 3,000 miles away from our hometowns, I had to go too. What moving 3,000 miles away meant was that 1) I wouldn't be able to simply drive a few hours home when I needed some family time...2) I wouldn't be able to hop a cheap, quick flight to get home...3) At 9 o'clock, when I feel like I want to call my mom just because...I can't because it's midnight at home. And so I wonder what it's like. What it's like to go home when you feel like it, what it's like to call home when you want to, what it's like to have your family within a few hours (or minutes even) away.

This has easily been the most challenging part about being pregnant for me. Forget about the gross first trimester sickness, the acne, the stretch marks, the awful dreams and insomnia. Forget all of it. For me, not being close to the women who mean the most in my life, during this time in my life, has been the biggest challenge.

I come form a pretty sizable family, on both sides, albeit a very close one at that. While on my dad's side I've got ten aunts and uncles (including those by marriage) and sixteen younger cousins, I've got two uncles, one aunt, five cousins and an enormous and enormously close extended family on my mom's side. Plus then there's my Mimom, my last living grandparent (mind you, she looks like Barbie and I'm pretty sure the woman is immortal...besides the fact that she also doesn't look a day over 40). I come from a family with a plethora of women, all of whom I love and all of whom I've turned to at one point or another in my life, when I needed them most. Let me tell you, being so far away from such amazing women while pregnant is heartbreaking.

The worst part is that in addition to being so far away, I'm two timezones away as well. My family lives on the East coast, and we're stationed on the West coast which makes for a three hour time difference. So when I'm waking up they've all been busy with their days already, and when I'm eating dinner they're getting ready for bed. It makes communication difficult. They never know when to call me, and vice versa. So to say that I'm literally apart and missing my family is an understatement.

I'm especially missing my mom during this time. She and I have always been incredibly close. She's one of my best friends and I can honestly say that anyone who meets the woman is damn lucky. Honestly, I'd consider you lucky even if the only meeting between you and her was her flipping you off for cutting her off on the road. She's just that amazing. Needless to say being 3,000 miles from that incredible person, while carrying my own incredible person, makes me quite homesick.

And so I say this to all of you. If you're lucky and blessed enough to have your family close by...or even an easy, same timezone phone call sure to appreciate what you have. Please take a moment, when you finish reading this and tell someone in your family how grateful you are that they are close by, and how much you love them. Because I promise you, if you ever move far away, you will miss them for sure.

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