Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Pennsylvania, Hello Third Trimester

Well, it's official. I'm two thirds of the way done. The little bun in my oven is happily baking, and the timer is counting down!

Last week I made the trip home to Pennsylvania to see my family, and my mom threw me a beautiful baby shower. We had so much fun and family time was just what I needed to give me the extra boost for the third-trimester haul. I got a little pampered with a haircut from my favorite salon, a phenomenal mani-pedi from my place around the corner from my parent's house...and of course I was well fed :) Everything from an Italian hoagie to a cheesesteak to a rooftop dinner in the city...and of course the amazing food and *naturally* cupcakes at my shower!

And now we're at the point of just getting ready for baby to arrive. With Derek's schedule so wacky all the time, and him being home never a guaranteed thing, I'm finding the need to do a little nesting is starting to nudge me. I've assembled the changing table already, and we've rearranged some things in the man cave to turn it into the baby cave. I went out and bought a bottle of Dreft detergent to wash all of the baby's blankets, sheets and some of the clothes we have (which isn't much since Derek is the only one who knows what gender the baby is!)...and we've begun to assemble the rest of the items that are arriving at our apartment daily. I'm also pretty sure that I owe the UPS guy a batch of cookies for all the boxes he carries up the stairs to deliver to us! I know I've still got a few months to go, but it's keeping me stress-free knowing that things are getting done and that if Derek ends up going away for whatever reason prior to November, we won't have to be rushing to get it all ready too close to my due date.

Plus, baby stuff is just plain fun :)

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  1. yay for 3rd trimester!!! I have a feeling you're having a boy...all my friends that are having winter babies are having boys and all my friends that had summer babies we all had girls...

    oh and Ive been using Tide free/clear detergent WAY cheaper than dreft!