Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank Your Mamas!

I've come to the conclusion that, while we always appreciate our moms and what they've done for us over the years, you can never truly appreciate your mom to the fullest until you're about to become a mom yourself...and maybe not even until you actually are a mom yourself.

I've been letting this idea stew in my head for several weeks. The thought first occurred to me when I was looking at myself in the mirror, examining all of the marks that pregnancy is so graciously giving me. Moms are pretty generous people to give up their bodies to these marks, just so we can exist. Especially since, at least for me and my marks, they're hideous. I for one am pretty grateful that my mom never held it against me...and seriously appreciative for all that her body went through for me to be here.

And lately the appreciation has just continued to grow. As the months pass and the baby's arrival gets closer, I'm learning that my life really isn't much my own anymore. Every decision, right down to what I eat, drink and what position I sleep in is being made not for me but for my baby. Every thought in my head about a decision I have to make comes with "is this going to be ok for the baby?" or "is this the right decision, now that I'm having a baby?". Just about everything I do I now have to consider the little one I'm about to bring in this world. And I know moms for centuries have had to do the same. And I'm grateful.

If your mom is a Military mom, really thank her. I've been learning throughout my pregnancy that as an Army mommy, I'm not only preparing to be a parent...I'm preparing to be a single parent who just happens to be married to the father of my children and living with him. Making decisions like what job is going to allow me the most stability for when my husband deploys or goes away for training, and thinking in my head that I need to plan for things like who can watch my kid in an emergency since my family is 3,000 miles away. It's all part of preparing to really be a Military family. These realizations especially have made me appreciate other Military moms....and every civilian single mom out there...ten times more. Everything has to be 100% about your kids all the time, almost, because there isn't always a daddy around to help with the load.

Moms are incredibly strong women who go through some pretty extreme changes, from those on their body to those in their lives, just for all of us to exist. I gotta, say, I'm pretty grateful to my mom for all that she's done and gone through for my brothers and I....and I hope you can be equally as grateful. But I will say this....becoming a mommy myself has made me look at my mom and truly, truly appreciate her in a whole new light.

So thanks, Mom.

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