Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You know that great aunt of yours (come on, everyone's got one) that just loves to squeeze you so tight you can't breath, squish your cheeks til they're red and get lipstick all over your face on Christmas? Well I've decided that late in pregnancy, we're all that aunt...well, maybe minus the bad red lipstick...

I feel like the baby is getting so big that I'm squeezing and squishing him or her all day long. I feel like there is just no more room in there for the baby to grow! I mean seriously....I get headbutted on the bladder all day long...and generally spend my days with either feet or a tushy pushed up in my ribs. So whereas I'm the one who's out of breath, the baby is the one that this Christmas aunt is squeezing and squishing and won't let go.

Rationally, I know that the baby is probably pretty comfy in there...but once in a while I have to wonder if some of those movements I'm feeling are his or her way of attempting to stretch out a bit....and I almost feel a little bad that I don't have any more room to give...

Eight more weeks, little one...and then you can have all the room you need in this big world...unless you'd just prefer the room in mommy's arms. Which is totally fine too <3

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  1. oh yes I knew that feeling all too well!!! sometimes I wondered what the heck she was doing in there! lol...hope your next 8wks fly by xoxo