Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Holy For Ya

I was raised in a big, Irish Catholic family...spent 8 years in Catholic school...even taught a few years of CCD. That's right, I'm a good Catholic girl. Who would've guess, right?

Well, today I'm sharing a little tid-bit of my Catholic-ness. Sometimes a little prayer never hurts, no matter what God or being you're saying it to...and sometimes when you're feeling like you need a little help, a little prayer is just what you need.

To give you some background, Saint Gerard is the Catholic patron saint of pregnancy and expectant mothers. It occurred to me that this past Sunday (October 16th) was his feast day...ironically it was a day I was feeling particularly uncomfortable and seriously wondering if the last few weeks of pregnancy were a cruel joke....

And so I found a little prayer to him. I felt needed to say it and, in my own beliefs, know that someone was listening. And now I want to share it...

"Saint Gerard, patron and protector of expectant mothers, intercessor before God and wonder-worker of our day, I pray to you now and seek your aid.

Help me to always do the will of God. Preserve me in the dangers of expectant motherhood, shield the child I bear now and let my baby be brought safely to the light of day."

It's short and simple...yet sometimes that's what you need to ground you and calm you. Sometimes a little faith, no matter which one you share, is the reminder you need to get you through unconventional times.

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