Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Small Rant About Rude Men.

Let me first say this: not all men are rude and inconsiderate, but some really are. And when it's affects me or any other pregnant woman for that matter, it makes me really mad!

So here it is, my rant:

Dear Men Who Are Inconsiderate Jerks,

   The parking space you just took is marked "Expectant Mother", and while I'm ok with not getting that parking space for myself, there could be another pregnant woman who could have really used that parking spot. And you, Mr. Inconsiderate, just took that spot without warrant.

   Did you think about the possibility that some woman might have a baby sitting on her sciatic nerve (like me) and that it may be very painful for her to have to walk through a parking lot because you took the close space that was designated for her? Did the idea cross your mind that there may be a preggo who is running errands with little kids, and that the safest place for her to park is that "Expectant Mother" spot so that she only has a little bit of parking lot to chase her young children through? Or what about the woman who has been placed on bedrest or something similar, and just needed to run into the store to get some milk because no one was around to help her? No. You probably didn't think of any of that. You just figured that no one would notice that you, a man, parked in a spot meant for pregnant women.

   Are you a seahorse, Mr. Man? Or have you suddenly developed the ability to carry a child for any number of months, and then give birth? Because seahorses are one of the only species in which the male carries the babies. So unless you're pretty and living in the sea or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior, get your butt out of that parking space! You're not doing anything to deserve it....but I promise you, that waddling pregnant woman who didn't get that spot because you were in it certainly does deserve it.

Thanks for listening,


  1. I hate this!!! B wanted to park there when I was about 8mo and I didnt even want to...

  2. Reading your blog because of Cari. :) We parked in one when I was pregnant with my son and a big man in a big truck took the next one. I pointed out that it was a pregnant/new mother space and he said, "They need to walk." How rude!!! I wasn't going to get into a fight with him, but I'd love to print some of these and have them with me in my car! :)