Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You know that Johnson & Johnson commercial that ends with the statement "having a baby changes everything"?  Yeah, they totally don't lie.

We've been home in Pennsylvania with family for the holidays. Of all things to change, I never thought being home really would, but boy was I wrong. Let's start first with luggage. When you have a kid and have to travel, you essentially pack your entire house...though I will say that the bottom basket in my stroller was pretty handy in the airport. Then there's where you sit on the plane. Normally we'd have taken an aisle and middle seat. Easy access to the bathroom, easier to get on and off the plane. Not anymore! This time I took the window, which normally I hate, but it proved to be a smart move. I had some privacy (along with my hooter hider :) ) for nursing and we didn't have to worry about getting up and down for another passenger needing the bathroom or having elbows or the baby's head bumped by the drink cart.

Since we've been home, we haven't been in bed before 1 am. Normally this would have been because we'd be out and about with friends at night...now its because we've got a little guy visiting the East coast...who's still on West coast time. Let me tell you, I've never been more grateful than the mornings when Derek would wake up for the gym and hand the baby off to his mom for a little "mom-mom time"...which for me meant a few extra hours of sleep. I will truly miss that when we go back to Washington!

Then there's the holidays themselves. It's so different when you've got a baby for Christmas. From first Santa pictures to the abundance of visitors and the eight thousand red and green outfits Conner managed to poop, pee and look cute in. Christmas suddenly has had a magical new life to it. The change of having a baby for the holidays seems to make everything a million times more special, and while the traveling was overwhelming and the lack of sleep is exhausting...I wouldn't wish it to be any other way.

As we make our way to the new year in just a few days, I wish you all a magical end to 2011 and a beautiful start to 2012. And yes, Conner will be rocking the tuxedo onesie for NYE :)

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