Friday, January 27, 2012

A Single Mom...With a Husband

...Who's my baby daddy.

Yep, that's me. Ah, the life of a Military wife.

Ask any Military wife/mommy and she'll tell you the same story: the Military essentially makes us single moms, who are the father of their children. It's an interesting predicament to be in, and one that makes you appreciate the time when your husband is home even more so than before.

Conner and I are experimenting with this concept (well, less experimenting than being thrown into it on short notice) currently. And while it's only a few days, it's a lot more work than anticipated...but it's good preparation for things like deployments.

It's easy to take advantage of the fact that when my husband comes home from work, I catch a break. I am, usually, relieved of diaper changes...I can cook dinner without wearing a squirmy little dude...I can sit and do a crossword puzzle...I can just take a few minutes for myself. I've found that these moments are easy to forget to appreciate...until you're on your own.

While Conner has been a great baby always and particularly good while Daddy's been away these past few days, he is still a lot of work. When Derek isn't here, there is no diaper duty break, there is no "can you burp him so I can check my E-mail" or "can you cuddle him to sleep so I can take a shower". There's a lot of "waaaaahhhhh feed me! I don't care if you have to pee!" and "somebody burp me or I'm going to explode!" instead.

The upside to all of it though is appreciating the moments with my son. While the house is quieter and not the same without Daddy walking through the door at the end of the day, it's still filled the coos and squeals from my little boy, and more of my time spent smiling at the sweet things he does rather than worrying about what I'm cooking for dinner. And in some ways I've found that Conner helps the time when Derek is away go faster. No longer am I alone in our apartment. I'm now here with someone who somewhat fills the void of hugs and kisses that are missed when my husband away. And C Man certainly keeps me busy! So no longer am I thinking of ways to keep myself occupied to pass the time. It's a nice new chapter in our Military life.

So yes, if you ask me to classify myself I'd tell you: I'm a single mom...who happens to be married to my baby daddy. And then I'd tell you to laugh because it's funny :)

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