Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grateful Grilled Cheese

Every day I make it a point to reflect on a favorite memory, and remind myself of one part of that memory for which I am grateful. It's part of my own way of keeping myself in the mindset of appreciating the life that I live to the fullest.

Yesterday I was reflecting back on my experience in the hospital when I had Conner. I reflected back on the wonderful nurses, my amazing husband, and the friends who visited. One particular friend stood out in my mind as I reflected...My friend Steph. The day after I had Conner, Steph texted me informing me that she was bringing me if, ands or buts about it. For this I was immediately food is terrible, but pair it with being an Army hospital and you're eating powdered eggs and soggy toast to the max. But what I was especially grateful for was the fact that Steph was bringing Derek and I Panera food, and I got to request what I wanted to eat...

a grilled cheese, of all things.

While I was in labor, I kept thinking about the grilled cheese I wanted to eat after I gave birth. I didn't care where it came from, what kind of cheese or bread it was on....I just wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle.

Unfortunately, after you have a c-section, you can't eat much. The anesthesia and overall "after-surgery-ness" can make your stomach verrrrryyyy sensitive, so for several hours I was chowing down on ice chips and saltine crackers. My sweet husband even brought me an icee after I came out of recovery, as I had been craving them the last two weeks of my pregnancy...but alas, the sugar in one sip didn't sit well with my still sensitive tummy.

When I could eat something, the kitchen at the hospital was closed until breakfast...and they didn't have grilled cheeses on the menu for any meal. Period.


So when Steph informed me that the grilled cheese I was so desiring was on it's way, along with yummy soups, chips AND the pickle I really wanted too, I was beyond grateful! When I opened the package to see a gooey sandwich and a green pickle waiting for me, I can't was pretty exciting.

It's funny to look back on memories sometimes and see what you come up with as things that make you appreciate life. For me, the memory of that grilled cheese and the kindness of my friend is a great reminder of how lucky I am to have the caring, loving friends that I do....who understand the importance of a grilled cheese sandwich after you've just given birth :)

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