Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rocks My Socks: Babywearing

One of my favorite things, since becoming a mom, is babywearing. Falling into one of the practices in Attachment Parenting (and just awesomeness in general), it rocks my socks...and I've got a few great friends who I know will totally agree.

It takes some practice and patience, like anything else...but getting the hang of properly and safely wearing Conner in my custom ring sling and mei tai (I got mine from Mel's Colorful Creations on and in the Moby wrap was one of the best things I took the time to do. The handsfree aspect alone is incredibly, cooking dinner, food all became so easy to do when I began wearing Conner, especially when he was a newborn because he always seemed to wake and wail whenever I wanted to get something done around the house. So I would pop him in the ring sling...and later the mei tai...and sure enough he'd cuddle, stare at his momma, and snooze while I washed the ever-growing piles of laundry that seem to make themselves at home when you've got a newborn...

Babywearing is fun too...seriously! Yesterday my fellow babywearer (and my go-to show-me-how momma) buddy taught me how to wrap Conner in a back carry. I LOVED IT! My little guy got to peer over my shoulder and I had this little person hanging out on my was amazeballs. And when he got tired of it (new positions can take the babe a little bit to adjust to...but stick with it! I know in a few more tries C Man will love the back carry too) I just swapped him around and we food-shopped the rest of the way snuggled chest-to-chest :)

There's also the added bonus of this: custom carriers can be SUPER cute! As evidenced by mine...

Babywearing also had emotional benefits for me personally. After having had the emergency c-section, Conner being in the NICU and us spending his first few hours of life separated, I felt like I had missed out on bonding time that I had so desperately wanted immediately. So when I figured out how to wear the ring sling properly, I wore him constantly...and found it beyond healing. Having my baby close to me all the time, sleeping, staring at eachother, him hearing my heartbeat as he rested his little head on my all made me feel soothed and helped me get over the disappointment of not being able to be with him right away. Babywearing is simply wonderful...and it's so good for the soul. 

Wearing your babe has TONS of other benefits! So I'm sharing some great resources in the hopes that some of you who may not be so into now, at least give it a try...
BUT please remember to do it safely! There are tons of tutorials online on how to properly wear all different carriers, and there are resources to teach you the basics of safe positioning of your babe and rules of thumb for all carriers

My rule to live by, amongst many others with babywearing....Close enough to kiss!


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