Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Purple Dress, A Moment of Mortification, and A Little Motivation

It was like a slow motion scene in a movie as the words came out of her mouth, "so Conner is 6 months old, and little brother or sister is due when?". Fighting back tears and the urge to swear like a sailor at the lady-priest speaking to me, I kindly smiled and informed her that I am not pregnant, thank you for having us in her church for a baptism, and have a nice day.

I've never walked so quickly in heels and a dress just to get back to the car. I felt mortified. I felt like if she hadn't been a priest and we hadn't been in church, I may have decked her. I felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock, cry my eyes out, and hide forever.

It's the question no non-pregnant woman ever wants to be asked.

Funnily enough, I had gotten ready that morning and been ecstatic that the dress I was wearing was one that I had originally purchased for our honeymoon. It's this sweet little purple cotton dress with a pretty ruffle neckline. I had thought it was flattering...and my husband had even complimented how nice it had looked. Besides feeling nice in it, I was beaming with the knowledge that I had made a post-baby body accomplishment in fitting into this dress. Paired with my new favorite pair of wedges, I thought I was good to go....

And then out came her well-meaning, but heart stabbing words and I so badly wanted to trash that damn dress and put on some sweatpants.

It's such killjoy when you're making progress in losing baby weight, adjusting to the fact that your body will never ever be the same as it was pre-baby, and finally starting to enjoy getting dressed in the morning. And while my husband, sweet man that he is, insisted that I looked wonderful in my dress and that I was beautiful to him always, I was still hurt and mortified by the fact that this woman assumed I was pregnant. It was right up there with the "you look huge!!" comments while I was pregnant. It's just not nice.

I reminded myself that the lady priest was probably equally embarrassed when I informed her I was not, in fact, currently expecting. She was well meaning, certainly...tactful, maybe not...but such is life I suppose. I still hear her words in my head, and I'm still reminded of her assumption made me feel. But instead of taking it and feeling sorry for myself, I'm working with it. Using it as motivation to continue working hard towards my goal of looking and feeling healthier than I did even pre-Conner, I'm finding myself determined to never let something like that get me down.

And I'm not throwing away that purple dress. I still like it.

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  1. Don't let her get you down! You probably looked fantastic! People just make mistakes. Natalie is almost a year old and I still look like I'm five months pregnant! I just can't seem to lose the pudge! We're all there with ya girl! Keep your head up, you look great! (I know from your pro pics that you just got done)