Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Learning, Appreciating and Adding A Little Sugar

Ok. So I realize I've been a-slackin on the posting for a while. Forgive me. Life has been crazy, albeit enjoyable but crazy over the past few months....and currently I'm enjoying the sounds of my little man sleeping while I type and reminisce about the wonderful summer day we enjoyed today.

Conner is growing leaps and bounds these days. He's got two teeth...cutting two more (UGH), he's crawling, eating real food, making mama, dada, baba and my personal favorite "aaa Tahhh!" sounds...and just becoming even more of an amazing beautiful boy each day.

I'm growing a lot too, as a mommy...and a person. Having Conner has really, really taught me a lot about myself. I've learned that my capabilities in anything are far beyond what I ever knew. I've learned that I care less about people's opinions...because I care more about one person's life. I've learned that books can't teach you everything...if much of anything about being a mom. Because that is really up to teaching yourself...at least in my case. I've learned that I am tailor made for my little boy, and that he is tailor made for me.

Most importantly, over the past eight months of Conner's life, I've learned to enjoy life much more. I start every day out with a smile on my face and having a gorgeous little dude smile back at me. Every morning. Without fail. How can you not love life when your days start out like that??? It really makes you appreciate small moments.

I hope you all take a minute and think about the small things you appreciate each day. And take a moment each day to remember those small things. And then smile. It's the sugar in your lemonade. The spice of life :)

Much love.

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