Friday, November 16, 2012


How does that happen? One second you are snuggling a newborn and the next you are chasing after a very fast one year old. Seriously, how?

Conner's first birthday was an emotional one for me. It was a wonderful day, followed by a wonderful party....but still, emotional.

As I found myself reflecting over the past year, it amazed me, humbled me and made me happy. I thought fondly of those who cared for us during Conner's less-than-perfect entrance into the world. I thought lovingly of the NICU nurses who took care of my baby boy and sent us both home happy and healthy. I read through the cards that loved ones and good friends sent over the first few weeks of having him in our arms. I looked back at every single picture we had taken over the year.

And I gave extra smiles and hugs to my baby boy...some from mommy, and some from daddy who isn't able to be home to hug Conner himself.

I reflected back too, on how having Conner made Derek and I a more loving, wonderful couple. I have never appreciated Derek more than when he was so amazing and calming as the doctors informed me a C-section was necessary. And when I was recovering, Derek made sure our wishes were followed in how Conner was cared for in the NICU. And when we were home and I was tired, sore and so unsure of what being a mom to a newborn meant, Derek hugged me, supported me while I nursed, and made me nap while he snuggled our boy. Remembering those first few weeks and how utterly amazing my husband was, and still is, brings tears to my eyes.

I have two simply wonderful men in my life. How lucky can you get?

Over the past year, Conner has been the most joyous part of my days. From his first smile to his first steps, learning to be his mom has been and will continue to be the most amazing, incredible journey I will ever take. And with years ahead of us to look forward too...and maybe a brother or sister down the road, what more can you ask for?

ONE year down. This whole mommy thing rocks.

Much love,