Sunday, May 26, 2013

Confessions of a Crafty Momma: Conner's New Nursery

So as you may have read in my "Where I've Been" post, during the midst of hubby's deployment, I moved us into a new house. And with the new house came a slew of new projects for me to tackle. I decorated, made some inexpensive wall art (that post will come, fear not!) and made our new place a home.

One thing I started while Derek was still gone was Conner's new room. I never got to finish it before Derek came home because, well let's face it, trying to decorate your toddler's room with them needing to be in there with you is like trying to host a dinner party with a bull in the middle of a china shop. BUT now that Derek is home, I finally got to finish my favorite project to date. My baby boy has a gorgeous new nursery that I am really, really proud of!

So here's the deal: A roll of brown craft paper, 2 rolls of billboard paper (the kind teachers use in their classrooms), a Sharpie, a whole slew of scrapbook paper and a few packs of crafty tack (also used by teachers! It's a great adhesive that won't damage the walls and works perfectly for sticking paper to them) cost was under $50. Seriously. I spent about $44 total at Michaels thanks to scrapbook paper being on sale and of course their amazing coupons...and their Military discount on Wednesdays!

And now I give you my masterpiece :)

I may still add a few small details here and there, but overall I'm thrilled with how it turned out. And really proud of myself (that's right, I'm patting my own back on this one). My little guy finally has the nursery I had hoped to give him some day :)

Much Love,

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