Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'??: Baked Veggies and Turkey Kielbasa

Last night I attempted the following pin:

Let me start by telling you that when you click the actual pin, the website it takes you to doesn't give a great recipe. Honestly, the caption on the pin is pretty much what I went with.

What I Did Differently

First, I added yellow squash to the mix of veggies listed on the pin and instead of using the standard bell peppers, I used sweet mini peppers (which I cook with all the time...they're cute, flavorful and the hubs loves them). Second, I added season-all to the mix of spices to give a little bit of a bolder flavor, spice-wise.

The Verdict

All-in-all, this is a definite make again dinner. It was easy, flavorful and healthy!

What I'd Do Differently

Since the kielbasa is already a bit salty, and since I added season-all, I would completely cut adding any additional salt to this recipe. It's just not necessary, and since you're kind of just winging it with how much of each seasoning you add to the mix, you risk over-salting...which is never good!
Also, the pin says to bake for 40-ish minutes. While most everything turned out great...the potatoes never cooked fully and were pretty gross (raw potatoes...ugh). When I make this again, I'll probably either cut the potatoes out completely, or give this an extra 10 minutes to let the potatoes cook more. They definitely needed it!

Also, next time I cook this, I am totally going to prep the veggies before-hand. This is definitely a meal where I can cut veggies during nap time and then just toss everything together and throw in the oven at dinner time. I've learned (especially when the hubby is away!) that prep-ahead meals rock!!

This is definitely a dish I want to attempt again this summer...and maybe even test it out on the grill instead of doing it in the oven! This would be awesome with some fresh grilled corn on the cob...YUM!

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  1. I made something similar to this. Although instead of in foil it was on a baking sheet. My husband and son ate it all up, no left overs. http://lilasapron.com/2011/10/07/oven-roasted-sausages-potatoes-and-peppers/