Sunday, August 18, 2013

Confessions of a Crafty Momma: The Basics

One of my most favorite releases and past times is crafting. To me, there is nothing more enjoyable than tapping into my creative mind and busting out a cute wreath, a gaggle of hair bows, a set of painted nursery letters or a Pinterest-inspired project. It's relaxing, fulfilling and just plain fun.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows my true love of crafting, and over the years I've often had questions about what my basic necessities for crafting are. So this post is all about my recommendations for what you absolutely need to get started in tapping into your crafty self! Feel free to comment and add to the list!

A high temperature hot glue gun
For me, this is absolutely a complete must. There are generally two types of hot glue guns: low temp and high temp. While low temp is great for crafting with kiddos, low temp glue guns produce a bond that doesn't hold well for larger crafts like wreaths. A high temp glue gun will heat the glue to a much gooier, stickier adhesive that will cool slower and bond far better. Surprisingly, a decent high temp glue gun won't set you back much, running less than $10 for a mini-gun (which I prefer) at Michaels. Words to the wise though: the glue can and will burn! So be careful around kiddos. And when you're purchasing glue sticks, make sure you're buying sticks meant for the high temp gun.

A good pair of scissors
Again, this is an absolute MUST. There is nothing worse than trimming a scrapbook page with scissors that won't cut cleanly, or snipping a piece of ribbon with dull scissors that fray the edges terribly. Do yourself a favor and invest in a decent, sharp pair. You'll be glad you did!

A set of basic craft paints
Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, black and white. Acrylic craft paint is inexpensive, running between $.89 and $2.99 per bottle. You don't need anything fantastic or expensive, just a basic set because you never know when they'll come in handy! Technically, you can skip the green, purple and orange, but I always find it's easier to have those colors as a base rather than having to mix the base myself. You can lighten or darken them easily to the hue you want with the black and white.

Sponge brushes and a basic brush set
Sponge brushes are essential to a craft kit, for me. Especially when working with paint, they're easy to work with and realllly inexpensive, usually running less than $.50 a brush! The basic brush set can also be an inexpensive craft kit essential. Michaels carries a craft brush set with about 25 brushes for less than $10. They aren't they highest quality, but they serve their purpose when it comes to crafting, they're easy to clean, and I don't feel bad when I beat them up! 

Tacky glue
For no other purpose, specifically, than its a decent adhesive, it's inexpensive, and you just never know when it will come in handy....and it often does!

A lighter
Yep. A lighter.
Need to seal the edges of fraying ribbon? What about burn paper edges for a pirate map? The end of that cord bracelet you're making? Lighter.

A set of colored Sharpies
Another one of those "you never know" staples that you often end up needing when crafting!

From there on, you can add to your crafting kit depending on what you're doing! Since I dabble in a little of everything, you'll find a hefty ribbon stash, barrette clips, a heat embosser and scrap booking supplies amongst other stuff. I love picking stuff up on clearance or on sale at Michaels to add to my supplies and picking things up as I need them!

Hope you all find my list enlightening...haha! Here's to crafting!

Much love,


  1. paper cutter!! I have gone through a couple of them and they are SO easy and give me my "straight" lines when cutting paper!

  2. great input Ashley! I have an inexpensive one's a time and frustration saver for sure!