Sunday, September 15, 2013

Confessions of a Crafty Momma: Party Planning

I'll admit it. I'm that mom who's determined to give her kid these awesomely awesome birthday parties...and the kind that involves momma crafting her tush off beforehand to make it so awesome. Did I mention I like awesome?

So with Conner's 2nd birthday rapidly approaching...and by rapidly approaching I mean two months away...I've started brainstorming ideas for the sweet baseball-themed party I want to throw him.

Naturally, I've turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and to have a place to remember good ideas. If you're interested and want to follow my birthday party board (or any of my other boards, for that matter), you can do so here :)

For me, planning a party starts early because I'm not into skimping. If I'm throwing a bash, I'm going all out...but not breaking the bank to do it! Hence why Pinterest is so can find some seriously awesome ideas on the cheap! Plus, DIYing rocks my socks.

So here's what I'm planning for the dude's partay thus far...
  • a super awesome Phillies cake (that will be some variation of this  except more awesome because it'll be Phillies...and made by me!)
  • a hot dog bar with all the fixins (classic ball park food!)
  • baseball themed cookies (because I have the cookie cutters and am dying to use them)
  • wiffle ball sets and Cracker Jack favors
  • a ball for guests to autograph
  • homemade lemonade and fun cups with paper straws
  • a decorate-your-own-baseball hat station
  • a Sunday bar (who doesn't love a Sunday at the ball park?)
Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about everything. I can't wait to start designing his invitations (we are doing his birthday pictures today if the rain decides to be cool and peace out!) and start making decorations (think flag banners, some form of the Citizens Bank Park Liberty Bell, and old-timey baseball decor). I've already started purchasing a few things here and there because the best way to do it is to start early so you can catch sales. I've found that Zulily is a great resource for party items if you start planning early enough! I ordered paper straws through them that are super cute and a pretty decent price. The catch with Zulily is that you've got to be patient with your orders (hence why, with almost two months still until the party, I've started ordering stuff from them) as they can take a few weeks to ship and arrive. But sometimes the deals on there are just so good, it's worth the wait!

I'm also a huge fan of VistaPrint for ordering invitations, favor tags, stickers, thank you cards etc. Their prices are always very reasonable, product quality is great and their customer service is incredibly friendly. Aaaaannnd VistaPrint also does a lot of Groupons where you pay like $17 for $70 worth of product, or more recently $15 for $45. I always purchase the Groupons when they have them because I use VistaPrint so often! I've gotten "We've Moved" cards, return address labels, business cards, Christmas cards....anything printable, really, from them!

Keep hanging around for more partay goodness. I'll be sharing more updates on Conner's party as I continue to plan. I love throwing birthday bashes, especially when they're for my kid!

Much love, 

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