Sunday, September 15, 2013

Product Review: One In A Mel'lion's handmade soaps

So with all of the chemically produced products out there, I'm always on the hunt for naturally made, wholesome stuff. Especially when it comes to products we use on our bodies, I'm of the mind that the more natural it is, the better for you it is. Over the past few years, so many mass-produced, chemically engineered products have been recalled and pulled from shelves, that I feel it's very important to make an effort to steer away from them when I can. So I've turned to places like Etsy and my local farmers markets to find some great, natural-based products to replace the stuff I previously used.

Perhaps one of the most basic, but my most favorite products is handmade soap. Coming in any scent you can dream up and being fresh and handmade, it an accessible, affordable product that is well worth trying if you never have! Recently, my friend Mel, who owns One In A Mel'lion, sent me a couple of her homemade soaps to try.

One word: amazeballs.

Not even amazing. Mel's soaps deserve a full on amazeballs rating. They're that yummy, skin loving and just pure luxurious.

Mel sent me her lavender lemon soap, and green tea and honey, both of which are made using natural ingredients. So much so that you can even see bits of real lavender in the pretty, purple swirled bar. I adore the scent of lavender to begin with, but I discovered this particular soap has some hidden benefits. First, it's awesome in the kitchen. Lemon has a natural way of removing odors, as does lavender, and when you're chopping onions for dinner, that scent can linger on your hands for days...but not if you wash with Mel's soap! I washed with the lavender bar after making all kinds of goodies for our housewarming party this past weekend, and you couldn't smell anything but the gentle scent of lavender and lemon on my "onion, pepper, tomato, garlic" worked hands. For which I was grateful because I hate the stench of onion on my hands! Second, lavender is a natural bug repellant! It didn't click with me right away, but prior to the party I had showered with the lavender lemon soap. As a person who normally needs to use a coating of bug spray to not look like a bug-bitten, polka dotted lady, it came to my surprise that I only needed a touch of spray on my ankles at the very end on the evening. I wasn't getting bit! And then I realized...that gentle lavender scent that I adore so much was gently repelling the nasty biting bugs away from me. What a pleasant surprise!

The green tea and honey soap isn't necessarily scented, but the pretty cream and green swirled bar has a natural, light scent to it that is fresh and clean. The local honey in this bar, I found, was incredibly moisturizing! With both the lavender lemon and green tea and honey I found that, where most bar soaps dry my skin out, these kept moisture in. I never once had to use extra lotion after washing (especially my hands which are constantly super dry). But the green tea and honey bar, especially, I found to be very moisturizing. This particular bar I also really like for washing my face with. I have sensitive skin and this was very gentle! The real, brewed green tea added a nice, soothing element to the soap as well. I use a Clarisonic on my face and this soap got nice and foamy and made for a great wash with the Clarisonic. It's got a really great lather, which is something I like to see in a bar of soap! I also really liked the green tea and honey bar for shaving my legs. It gave me a thick enough lather and a soothing, moisturizing enough formula that it makes a great replacement for shaving cream!

Oh! And an added bonus to the green tea and honey soap? It makes a GREAT baby soap. It's not tear free, so you need to be careful around the face and eyes (I used a different, tear-free shampoo when I washed Conner's hair) but as far as baby wash goes, this is awesome. Again, nice and moisturizing and it left Conner's skin just as soft as the day he was born. Seriously!

A nice slice of Mel's soap will run less than $5, and I think they last longer than conventional bars of soap. They're made via both hot and cold processes, some even made with goats milk (which I LOVE) and she's constantly coming up with new scents! Recently Mel listed a mint soap that I'm betting is to die for, and planning to order myself. And for you seasonal pumpkin lovers, she's got something for you too! Mel's soaps are available via her Etsy shop, and to stay current on her latest soaping and sewing projects, give her page a like on Facebook!

Mel's lavender lemon soap.
You can see bits of real, fresh lavender in the bar!
Mel's green tea and honey soap, made with
real brewed tea and local honey!
Much love, 

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