Sunday, October 20, 2013

Confessions of a Crafty Momma: Birthday Invitations!

So with Conner's party less than two weeks away, I suppose it's a good time to give you all a peek at his invitations...

I happened to have a Groupon that I previously purchased which was a voucher for $70 worth of product on, so that's what I used for C Man's invitations and accompanying stationary. I LOVE Vistaprint. I've used them for our wedding Save the Date postcards and magnets, "We've Moved" cards, Christmas cards, return address labels, business cards, name it. The quality of their products is really great, their pricing can't be beat, and their customer service happens to be phenomenal (which, in itself is enough to keep me coming back to a company!).

Now, the invitations themselves were designed by...ME! I knew I wanted to do a 5x7 postcard style invitation, so I started by getting the dimensions from VistaPrint and entering them into iStudio Publisher (which is similar to Microsoft Publisher and is available through the Apple App Store for Macs). For the background I started with a white and red striped wallpaper that I had found online, and I added a translucent white layer over it to fade it a bit. The red and white stripes by themselves were a little too harsh and made the fonts on the invitation hard to read and difficult to focus on, so the translucent layer was necessary. For this invitation I used a sports themed font called Brannboll which was great because it gives you the option to add a tail at the end of any word by adding any number from one through zero at the end (and each number is a slightly different tail).

Brannboll was free to download and available through, amongst other sites. The other font used on the invitation was the basic American Typewriter font in regular and bold, which is a standard font on Macs.

Since the party is a baseball theme, I thought it was only appropriate to get creative with the wording for the invite...So I am not officially Coach Val, our house is officially a Stadium, and you're RSVPing to let us know if you're ready to play ball! Cute, right?

My next step with this invitation was to add one of the pictures from Conner's birthday session with Britny Sirotak Photography. The photo alone looked great, but the invitation itself just looked a little unfinished to me, so I set off online to search for some options on spicing it up. Naturally, and as usual, I found a quick, easy solution via Etsy. Angilla's Digital Design is an Etsy shop that specializes in really cute downloadable scrapbook papers and frames. For $5.99, I downloaded her pack of 22 Red and Blue Baseball papers, and for an additional $5.99 I also downloaded a set of 20 Red and Blue Digital Frames. Within a few minutes of the purchase, my files were ready to download and begin using. I took one of the blue frames and matted it around Conner's picture on the invitation. Then once I got into VistaPrint and uploaded the invitation, I also uploaded one of the red digital papers and used that as the design for the back of the invitation. Perfection!

So the invitation itself ended up looking like this....

So cute, I know!

From there I ordered reallllly cute return address lables and matching envelope seals (again, from VistaPrint) which say "Batter Up! It's Time to Celebrate!" I ordered enough so that we could use them again to send out thank you cards after the party, too. Aaaaand, the real kicker? I found baseball stamps in my stash that I had purchased last year to use for a special!

So all in all, minus postage and shipping, Conner's birthday invitations, return address lables and envelope seals cost less than $30. Since I had $70 to spend on VistaPrint from my Groupon, I ordered a few other things and the $12 digital downloads from Etsy will also do double duty since I'll use them for other projects and scrapbooking!

Invitation success! Now on to crafting decorations and prepping for a grand slam party!

If you have any questions about the invitations or want to know more (though I think I covered it pretty well, don't you?), feel free to shoot me an e-mail! You can contact me by clicking here or clicking on the "contact tab" at the top of the page and filling out the form.

Much love!