Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fancy On The Fly: Chocolate Spoons!

This Christmas, I've decided to do a little hot cocoa bar as part of our Christmas night feast. As part of that sweet yumminess, I decided to add a little touch that looks super fancy, is fun to make and incredibly easy: chocolate spoons!

For this craft, you will need:
Candy pellets (I like the Wilton brand candies, available at Michaels)
Plastic spoons
Sprinkles and/or candy, nuts etc
Lollipop bags

I bought different flavors of Wilton Candy Melts at Michaels for this craft. I planned to do peppermint, mint chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, milk chocolate and white chocolate spoons. The candy melts run about $3 a bag (or less with a coupon!) and are so easy. You just melt em in the microwave! I also bought some fun sprinkles for the spoons.

After melting the candies, I took cheap plastic spoons (mine are from our commissary and ran less than a buck) and dipped them into the different melted candies. Before the candy cooled and hardened, I topped them with sprinkles and then laid them on wax paper to set.

Once they set, I wrapped the spoons in plastic lollipop bags. Done!

These are super easy, and are good in cocoa and even coffee! I also love to pass bunches of these out to friends as gifts :)

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