Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Little Holiday Recap


For as much fun as they are, I'm glad the holidays are over and life is returning to normal. The lights and decorations are put away for next year, the cookies have been eaten, the new toys played with and life can swing back into normalcy (for whatever that really is...).

But it's always fun to do a little recap :)

This year we went with a group of friends to the local zoo's annual Zoolights display. It was actually super cute and really beautiful...until Conner decided to throw the epic meltdown of all epic meltdowns because he didn't want to be so bundled up in the 20 degree weather. And so while the world seemed to be ending to my apparently opinionated two year old, we decided to cut our losses and leave early.

Maybe next year.

But at least I got some great pictures!

Following the Zoolights disaster, Derek and I enjoyed going to our first Military ball together and then began preparing for Christmas. This year we decided to stay here on the West Coast as it's just becoming too expensive and too much of a hassle to fly home for the holidays. Besides, we really wanted to be able to spend Christmas in our own home, and have Conner wake up to find that Santa had paid him a visit in his own house this year. 

Derek and I really enjoyed shopping for C Man. For the first time, we didn't have to worry about getting gifts for him that would need to be opened on one side of the country and then shipped back to the other. We got to really get into getting him some fun, special items this year which was just so exciting for us!

When Christmas Eve arrived, we enjoyed a really nice, quiet evening. We had baked salmon, risotto and warm foccacia bread for dinner and then settled in to watch some of our favorite Christmas movies with Conner. Then it was time to hang our stockings and set out cookies and milk for the big man :)

Then after prayers C Man went to bed and the magic began...the tree went up, the lights glowed and our living room was transformed into Christmas galore.

It was kindof the best thing ever.

In the morning, the look on Conner's little face was priceless. The lights! The presents! So many things! The magic of Christmas is truly just so precious.

We finished off the holiday having dinner with friends and Derek's parents who arrived that afternoon from the East Coast, and then we rounded out the holiday season by enjoying a very quiet New Years Eve, watching the local fireworks on TV.

It was a wonderful holiday season, and I hope yours, however you celebrate it, was just as wonderful!

P.S. Santa loved my cookies ;)

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