Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY Lost Socks Sign!

So I'm in the process of making over my little laundry nook. At the top of my stairs, I have a closet that houses my washer and dryer (which will be getting it's own makeover in the next month or two) and then a random little nook that I've been using as our laundry pile spot. It's looked like crap since we moved in because I never took the time to do anything with it, but as time has gone on it's driven me increasingly crazy. So yesterday I grabbed a pretty laundry sorter and worked on a small project to help start making my laundry nook attractive looking.

I bought a wooden plank at Michaels along with some really pretty Martha Stewart wood stain that comes in some unconventional colors (I used the light teal stain!). I had the rest of the stuff I needed at home already to made a super cute sign that I'll mount on the wall and hang mismatched socks from.

For this craft, you will need:

A wooden plank
Wood stain
Craft paint
Glue gun
Paint pens
Clothes pins
Small stencil brush

I started by staining my plank. I only did one quick coat of stain because I really like the weathered, beachy effect it gave the wood. I let it dry for about an hour.

Then I laid down my stencil and lightly stenciled my pattern on the plank

In the center of each flower thingy, I added just a little dot of paint and let it dry. Since I used acrylic craft paint, it dried relatively quickly.

I then hot glued four clothespins on the bottom of the plank and with my paint pen, I wrote "Looking for my Solemate" (ha, see what I did there? Since it's for socks?) on the board. I just need to nail on a picture hanger on the back and it'll be perfect in my nook :)

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