Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kid Food: Lunchtime

If there's one thing we probably all know, it's that at one point or another kids can be picky eaters. It's one of the many challenges I've discovered along this path of mommyhood. One minute the kid is scarfing down bananas like they're never coming back...and the next minute they're on the floor and he's refusing to eat them.

I'm always trying to come up with meals that will keep Conner interested, especially when I know he's on a kick of particular food. Lunch is usually his biggest meal (he's not much of a breakfast eater, and dinner is sometimes a challenge) so here's what he's digging today, and it's soooo simple.

The dude has been on a berry kick lately, so I whipped up a little sandwich for him...

A little blueberry cream cheese and thinly sliced fresh strawberry on a multigrain flatbread round (this is the Kirkland brand from Costco). Put your halves together, cut into quarters and you've got yourself a happy toddler. I served this up to C Man with yogurt and tangerine slices on the side.

Who knows what he'll be into tomorrow, or heck even tonight at dinner, but this tickled his fancy today so I'm a happy momma with a full bellied toddler :)

What are your kiddos eating?

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