Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Saturday Picture Post

I love taking pictures of Conner. I think that's no secret. Two Christmases ago, while deployed, Derek sent me probably the most thoughtful, awesome gift he's ever given me...a Canon Rebel T3. I've always wanted to dabble in photography, and this is a killer camera to get started with. I love it!

I'm by no means a great photographer. But I've bought some books and I'm learning a lot more about the features of my camera and I love chasing C Man around and snapping shots here and there. My editing skills are pretty sad...I upload my pics into iPhoto and use their basic editing tools to adjust contrast, exposure etc. I may not be superb, but I love the pictures I take and I have fun doing it and that's what matters most!

Here are some recent shots of the dude. Enjoy! Happy Saturday!

Until next time!

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