Thursday, February 20, 2014

Packing a Diaper Bag...When You Have a Toddler!

I've learned over the past two years that packing a diaper bag is sort of an art form...and an evolving one at that! Looking back, my diaper bag's contents have changed with every stage of Conner from infancy to now toddlerhood. I think it's probably safe to say that it's easy to find lists and tips all over the place for diaper bag essentials...for babies.

But what about the toddler? For those mommas, like me, who still make use of a diaper bag, what are the necessities? Once you're out of the "bottles, bibs, burpcloths and binkies" (etc) stage, what do you need in a diaper bag?

While every kid and momma are different, here are my diaper bag essentials for the toddler :)

Start with your favorite bag. As mentioned in a recent What I'm Loving post, you all know I'm obsessed with my Vera Bradley bag!

In my bag you'll find...

Diapers and wipes (or if you're potty trained, a spare pair of undies and a wet bag or ziploc in case of accidents)

A quart sized bag with the following
- hand sanitizer
- a small bottle of children's Tylenol with dosage taped to the side
- a syringe
- a basic thermometer
- a small bottle of Triple Paste
- a copy of Conner's vaccine record

A small cosmetics bag for me! Filled with
- a few hair ties
- lip balm
- tampons (or a few pads if you prefer)
- travel sized lotion
- travel sized ibuprofen 
- a couple of pens and a thing of Post-its (you never know when you need a note!)

A mini first aid kit. I love the MediBuddy kit from me4kidz that I picked up at Babies R Us not too long ago. It's about the size of a glasses case, so nice and small, and includes fun band aids, moist towelettes, antibiotic ointment, burn gel, gauze pads and a sting relief wipe. Plus stickers to make boo boos really all better :) it's a great little kit for a great price ($4.99!) and has all the necessities to care for a little boo boo at the park. These are available on the Toys R Us website :)

A pack of Boogie Wipes I like these better than tissues or baby wipes for little runny noses because they're super soft and have saline in them which helps loosen stuck on boogers. You can get these at Target.

Shout Wipes Nothing works better at getting out a stain in a jif! Need proof? My husband decided to smush the cupcake at our wedding and got red icing on my dress. No one ever knew though, because I planned ahead and brought Shout Wipes :)

Snacks! Staples for the dude include
- squeezy applesauce
- Goldfish crackers
- Animal crackers (we love the organic ones from Costco!)

A sippy cup with milk, water or juice

A few small books

A couple of toy cars

Some mommas might still prefer to carry a spare outfit in their diaper bag, but as Conner's gotten older and his clothes have gotten bigger, I prefer to skip the extra bulk in the bag. I keep a spare change of clothes for him in the car now, instead :)

Would you add anything to the list, or change anything? Let me know what your toddler diaper bag essentials are!

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