Monday, February 17, 2014

What I'm Loving!

It's a new week! Happy Monday! Here's what I'm loving :)

Yellow tulips and red roses
Why? Well for one they're beautiful...and for two Derek and Conner snuck out on Valentine's Day and arrived home each with an armful of flowers for me :) The yellow tulips were from my baby boy and roses from the hubby.

California Baby Aromatherapy Calming Bubble Bath
Besides the fact that I LOVE California Baby products to the umpteenth degree, their aromatherapy bubble baths are sooooo yummy smelling and sooooo bubbly! And I'm not talking sticky sweet smells and bubbles that are totally gone in two minutes. I'm talking fresh, enjoyable scents (the calming bubble bath has calendula, pansy, aloe and lavender in it) and bubbles that outlast the bath itself. I love this stuff so much that Conner isn't the only one who enjoys it...I use it too! 

Oh, and bonus? It comes with a bubble wand in the bottle so you can make extra bubbles during bath time fun :) You can find this awesome bubble bath (and other scents too!) at Target or from the California Baby website.

Aladdin Aqua-To-Go Tumbler
Another awesome Target buy, this is my favorite cup ever. It's good for keeping drinks cold because of the double layer, which also prevents this cup from sweating which is awesome. My other favorite feature of this cup is that in addition to the fun colors it comes in, you can also purchase extra straws for the cup (which, the straws are great and dishwasher safe!)...some of which change colors. Yep. How fun is that?
You can get your's here on or at your local Target store.

Happy by Pharell
If you haven't heard this jam yet, stop reading this post and go download it on iTunes. Because it's awesome. And you can't have a bad day listening to it.

Boo Boo Bunnies
Did you have one of these as a kid? I did. It's a washcloth shaped into a bunny that you pop an ice cube in the middle of for making boo boos feel better without getting cold fingers. And guess what? My mom just sent one out for Conner. I love these things...isn't he cute?? 

You can get one just like Conner's online. I found Creative Creations by Ruth on Etsy who sells em for $5 plus shipping :)

So what are you loving this week??? Comment below and share one of your favorite things :)

Until next time!

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